The Builder's Foundation is an effort to empower the next generation of nation builders in India.


Shakti Goap was a pioneer in fostering builder culture in India, and he truly epitomized the 'Never Stop Building' spirit through his life's work at Devfolio and Fold. His message was simple -

"It doesn't matter which part of the world you're born in, doesn't matter whether you went to an IIT, some unknown college or even not at all — if you are curious and passionate about building things and put in the hard work in the right direction; you'll succeed sooner or later in life."

In Shakti's memory, the Builder's Foundation will help underprivileged, curious, and motivated young builders from India who can contribute towards the development of a better nation (more jobs, better healthcare, improved education system, and more). The Foundation will initially be supported through revenue generated from 2586 Labs.

Grant Program

The Builder's Foundation provides grants to those who need financial support with moving ahead in life (educational fees, purchasing learning tools/devices, etc).

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